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FlightSim Scenery

This lot has been created with Slartibartfast, my scenery creation tool. The source data is a mixture of SRTM elevation data, Landsat images and a global land-cover dataset created at the JRC.

Falkland Islands
2Mb, updated 27-Jun-2004
Download the Falklands from
African Rift Valley
20Mb, updated 05-May-2004
Download the African Rift Valley from
Northern Tanzania
11Mb, updated 27-Jun-2004
Download Northern Tanzania from here
Brunt Ice Shelf
19Mb, updated June 17th
Download a slice of ice
Africa Landclass
4Mb, updated June 29th
New Landclass for Africa
Pre-release 2Mb, updated July 7th
Casco Bay, Maine
Files hosted on AVSim