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LWMViewer2 download page, Beta build 175)
Latest Changes
Visual C 8 components(2.5Mb, Required)
DirectX 9 Library(2.2Mb, Required)
Like it? LWMViewer is free and always will be. However, if you do get hit by a sudden fit of generosity, click on the button.

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Thanks to Peter Dowson for the freeware key for FSUIPC.

Both V1 and V2 of LWMViewer are free, with no adverts or other strings attached. They may be used for any type of project, including commercial. They may not be redistributed without permission.


LWMViewer2 is an almost complete re-write of V1 which now provides a full, 3D, realtime display environment which tries to get close to the final display of FlightSim 2004. It also allows landclass and waterclass editing and object placement including modification of the default objects provided with FS2004, again all in realtime.

The catch is that it's still being worked on, and so has features which are unstable or unfinished. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then I suggest you stick with Version 1 for now until V2 stabilises. It also has much higher system requirements:

New Features