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Slarti is very powerful, and some of its features need a little practise to master. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about it.
If you decide to buy the commercial version of Slarti, many thanks! It's nice to see people using it anyway, but even nicer to get a little return on the year or so I spent writing it :) Please note that the key isn't returned automatically, I generate them by hand (for now). I should be able to get the key back to you on the same or next business day most of the time; if I'm going to be unable to do this, there will be a message posted here.


In late 2003, when I started trying to create terrain scenery packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, I had lots of trouble finding tools to use. There weren't very many and, although some of them were very good, I couldn't find anything that would do what I wanted in the way I wanted to do it. Even when they did exist I found that to do simple jobs often took many hours or days, using many different tools.

I started writing some things to do one-off jobs for me. Things got a little out of hand and, nearly a year later, Slartibartfast was released.


The key features of 'Slarti' are: